3 Ways to Make Travel Less Stressful

Do you like to travel?

If you’re like millions of people around the globe, the answer to that question is yes.

That said travel can oftentimes prove stressful for many people, leaving them with less than stellar business or personal travels.

In the event you are one of those people who get stressed over traveling, what can you do about it?

In some cases, the answer is not much.

Some people seem to easily stress themselves out; meaning even what should be a joyful vacation can turn into something much less desirable.

If you are looking to take the stress out of travel, there are some things you can try to maximize enjoyment and minimize stress.


Plan Out Your Trips Well in Advance

In order to take as much stress out of your next travel plans as possible, remember the following tips:

  1. Planning – For starters, plan out your trips well in advance. Yes, while some trips do end up coming together at the last minute, many others can be done months ahead of time. Whether you are thinking of driving across America to see as many states and sights as possible, backpacking across Europe, perhaps seeing some of South America that includes travel to Brazil, or taking in parts of Asia, don’t do last-minute planning. While you can normally do weekend getaways at the last minute, much more involved trips such as those mentioned a moment ago can take months to plan, especially when leaving the country. Having your documents in order, where you will stay, how you will get around, what to see, what you will eat etc. all takes some thinking and planning. Lastly, if foreign destinations are on your itinerary, be sure to check and see if there are any issues in any countries you plan on visiting. Any type of unrest, especially if it involves safety matters, should never be discounted;
  2. Timing – Are you someone who loves to get to the airport or your cruise ship at the last minute? If so, you are setting yourself up for potential disaster. In today’s world of airport and cruise ship security, waiting to get to either destination at the last minute can be a big problem. Do your best to arrive at your destination at least a couple of hours ahead of time. You never know when security lines will be at their max, along with any special regulations have been put into motion that you were not aware of. Finally, don’t take an attitude to your destination in terms of thinking you deserve to be pushed up to the front of the line. In many cases, security will actually do the opposite. By being cooperative and actually nice, you stand a much better chance of making your flight on time or pulling out of the dock in a timely manner. Keep in mind that security at these and other travel destinations are under the gun in terms of pressure and stress themselves, so don’t make things harder on them or you for that matter.


Don’t Let Finances Get You Down

  1. Money – Lastly, finances can be stressful for even individuals with lots of money. That said don’t let money turn your travel plans into a stressful mess. Make sure you budget properly for any trip you plan on taking, being able to account for how you will pay for everything without running up a huge credit card bill. Keep in mind that there are plenty of vacation deals out there if you know where to look for them. Be sure to use the Internet and various periodicals (newspapers, magazines etc.) to hunt for deals. In the end, you may discover that there savings galore for your intended trip (flights, hotels, food etc.).


If travel is on your mind in the near future, be sure to make it as stress-free as possible.


Travel Authorization to the USA through ESTA

ESTA is a visa waiver program under which thepeople traveling to the US on Visa Waiver Program get the Electronic System for Travel Authorization document prior boarding their flight to the United States. This is a new system which does not confirmpermissibility to the United States, but rather it authorizes the traveler to board the flight which is flying to the United States.

The travelers going on Visa Waiver Program would need to take prior authorization and approval through ESTA prior that you travel to the United States. All you need to do is fill online esta form and pay fees to get your ESTA visa waiver application authorized. Let us look on some key points while applying for the visa waiver application:

  • Whether the travel authorization is needed depends on the fact the traveler is looking for admission under Visa Waiver Program according to the country of nationality and not their country of embarkation. People having a valid visa of United States are not required to procure travel authorization under ESTA.
  • To get authorization under ESTA, travelers must visit ESTA website, where they need to follow the steps to obtain ESTA. Theywill be prompted to fill up their biographical information and passport information, and to answer series of questions.

Is it important to disclose convictions?

Contrary to the famous myth, not all convictions or arrests must be disclosed. Rather, only arrests involving the moral turpitude or other controlled substances should be revealed. Though, given the determination of if the specific conviction is regarded as crime involve the moral turpitude can be made through referral to appropriate controlling case law, it is recommended that every persons who suffered more than oneconvictions should refer tothelawyer of US immigration before submitting the application under ESTA.

Is it wise to contact the US embassy?

Direct contact with USCIS or with US Embassy about the issue prior to the arrests and convictions is usually discouraged, as representatives of customer service for both of these agencies instructed to refer individuals with any kind of arrests or any prior convictions of any kind of variety to make the application for visa, that will expressively delay the travel, and will also place the permanent record even most minor convictions.

It is highly suggested that travelers should apply through the ESTA as a minimum of 72 hours well in advance of the travel, as a few applications might take about 72 hours for processing.

Impacting HR in 2016 – Changes in Employment Laws

Last year, employers have begun to experience the impact of the new employment laws in Singapore. These reforms are found to be the first controversial decisions taken in the two decades according to the experts. These are found to be affecting the HR in more than one way.Aren’t you sure about these reforms yet? Wait no more, just continue with the below article here…

Elevated CPF Subsidiaries:

From first of Jan 2016, all the employers were asked to make greater subsidiaries for the older employees in the Provident Funds. These changes would impact the worker subsidiaries for the people of ages between fifty and sixty-five earning greater than or equal to 750 S$.As such, the employer subsidiary would be seventeen percent for the employees of ages fifty-five and below. For the employees of ages between fifty-five and sixty, this would stand as thirteen percent and for the workers of ages between sixty and sixty-five, it would be nine percent. For the workers who are sixty-five and above, it would be 7.5 percent.

Besides this, the salary ceiling of CPF was changed from 5,000 to 6,000 S$ from last year. This was found to be applicable to workers of all ages.It’s to be noted that the subsidiary cap for the native citizens and PRs was changed to 15,300 S$ and the same for the foreign workers was changed to 35,700 S$.

Although it was a bad news for the employers, the ruling authorities said that it would offer a temporary employment credit to aid the employers.

Crucial Job Terms:

From the first of April last year, the employees were demanded to get their pay slips plus the list of crucial job terms. Thus got pay slips should contain the information like name of company and worker, salary date, salary info, allowances, bonuses, deductions, OT hours and info, and net pay.In addition, the HRs should supply the list of crucial job terms for all the workers who are working with the organization for more than two weeks.These can be supplied either as a handbook or through the intranet. Failing to do these will subject the employers to pay 100 to 200 S$ as fine per occurrence. Initially, these would be seen as civil offenses, although they would get criminal records at the later stages.

Elevated Compensations:

From the first of Jan last year, the compensations for the employees have also been elevated for the injuries and death cases.Thus, the compensations for permanent immobilization have been changed from 73,000 – 218,000 S$ to 88,000 – 262,000 S$ and for the deaths, the limits have been changed from 57,000 – 170,000 to 69,000 – 204,000 S$.

Furthermore, the government has also changed the maximum claimable amount for medical bills from 30,000 to 36,000 S$.As per the info shared by the http://www.singapore-visa.net, the MOM is also expected to widen the expense types that are claimable under the workers’ compensation act.These reforms are done with an aim of bringing back the workers back to the organization quickly after any unprecedented incident.


If you plan to visit the Catalan capital (or you live there), you need to try Vesping. It is the best service to go for a scooter rent in Barcelona and get around seeing all the famous spots, the hidden ones and enjoying all the amazing views. What is more, if you book now online, you will have a 25% discount (’til March 31st).

The best thing about this rental service is that they have options for all tastes and budgets. And whether you are a local or a tourist, you can enjoy a complete and fantastic ride. The most famous tour is the City Tour: you will experience an amazing itinerary with a guide stopping at nine magical places, including the Tibidabo or the Camp Nou. Maybe this is the most suitable tour if you are a tourist that doesn’t know the city, because the stops are mostly designed to see all the views. But if you are a local or an intrepid tourist, you can always try one of the GPS Tours. If you know the city really well, you will discover it in a different way. And if you are a tourist, you won’t get lost. In both cases, you will ride at your own pace and visiting what really likes you. The alternatives for the GPS tour are the Olympic Tour, the Gaudí Tour, the Beach Tour or the Tibidabo Tour.

On the other hand, if you are a group you have two wonderful options offered. If you want to ride a Vespa, you have the Private Tour where a guide adapts the route to the desires of the group (always combined with the possibilities). But if the group prefers another kind of vehicle, you have the unique chance to ride an emblematic and vintage transport: the Van tours. Vesping includes Vanning, an innovative and original experience where you can go around the city inside a Volkswagen T2 with the company of a guide. The tours with the Van are: the Tour with views (following the principal spots where you can see everything) and the Classic Tour (which is a customizable tour where you can largely decide where to go, and it is also available a nocturnal variety of it to enjoy the artificial lightning).

You can check their website, which is filled with information about all the options that they offer. What is more, you will find a blog that shows you the places of interest (museums, gardens, squares…). Even you can check the best places to go shopping and eating well! And if you want to visit something else than the city, you can choose to do excursions to the sea or the mountain near Barcelona: the Sitges and Garraf tours, both combining cultural spots with relaxing beaches and viewpoints. Don’t hesitate: cure your January Blues doing fun things and battling the cold weather. Make sure you have great post-holidays days: do you need any other reason to try Vesping?

Give your Destination Wedding near Mumbai an extra touch of Grandiose at UKsResort

A Destination wedding near Mumbai will take all your guests by surprise! Stand apart from the rest. Destination weddings are all the rage now.

Contrary to the popular belief, they are not expensive. Booking different venues and making different arrangements costs you more and is not convenient. You can choose depending on your budget from, many resorts.

Arranging your wedding at a resort near by Mumbai at Khopoli is the perfect answer to all your event-planning woes. All your friends and family can travel easily from Mumbai and Pune. Everyone can stay together for the few days during the ceremonies. It will be a grand vacation for all your loved ones.


All rooms are equipped with guest toiletries, hot and cold water, television, wireless internet and a specially designed work desk that is comfortable for the human posture. Air-conditioned rooms are also available.


Your taste buds are sure to dance with joy when you look at the cuisines that are available at the restaurant. The staff is very polite and courteous. They can help you pick a dish according to your likes.


Going on picnic for a day requires a lot of planning. You can save time if you plan a picnic at a resort. It will be a safe and fun day that you can spend with friends and family.

Business Conference

You can arrange corporate meetings and seminars at the resort. The staff will help you pick from different styles of sitting such as cluster, theatre, and U shape. The equipment and lighting is provided to ensure a smooth session.


Special occasions are best celebrated at Budget resorts near Mumbai. It helps you save time in travelling is light on the pocket too. The events can be held in the beautiful outdoors overlooking the well-maintained lawn and pool.


If games such as carom, badminton and cricket do not interest you then you can play with your friends and family in the huge outdoor open space. It is perfect for small gatherings.

Facilities at Uksresort

You can give your cocktail party a twist. Before the wedding day, you can party at the poolside with live music and rain dance. The swimming pool has slides and floats are provided for your enjoyment. You can even indulge in a game of water polo.

 Tariff Plan

The charges for overnight picnic vary according the size of the group. The rates of the rooms do not change but extra charges will apply for extra persons.

The biggest advantage with planning your wedding at Budget resorts near Mumbai is that you save a lot of time of travelling.

You do not need to change venues for mehendi, sangeet, reception and the marriage ritual. All ceremonies can be arranged at UK’s resort. Even the guests do not have to travel. You can save time and celebrate your special day.

Author Bio: With Destination wedding near Mumbai, you do not have run to different places to arrange for decorators, planners, halls and accommodation. UK’s Resort is one among Budget resorts near Mumbai that takes care of all your requirements.

Contact US

Ashtavinayak Mahad Phata,
Old Mumbai – Pune Highway (NH4),
Near Mahad Ashtavinayak Temple,
Khopoli, Dist. Raigad – 410203,
Maharashtra, India.
Tel. : +91 2192 268333
Mobile : +91 98220 12343
Email : info@uksresort.com

How The Hub performs?

Are you going out of the station and are not well-aware the point to visit, important places and roads as well as where to stay? Choose a reliable hotel for your business meetings and leisure. Avail new packages for making your holidays unforgettable. The Hub will make your journey innovative by offering these services.

  1. Excellent facilities for your corporate clients with the exclusive services
  2. Executive hotel stay
  3. Exclusive services with sophisticated environment

For making your trip memorable they arrange your journey at the eleventh hour. Some of the excellent flight services are given for your concern.

  1. Offers professionalism

It is the name of trust and professionalism in the world of the hoteling. They offer innovative services during their stay in very affordable packages. Conveying the exclusive services with style and class, It is popular among the visitors. It gives the luxurious facilities. Offering three classes according to the affordability of the clients including double room, Twin room, Double room with shared bathroom, Twin room with shared bathroom and Triple room with shared bath room they are dynamic.

  1. Offers comfortable stay

If you have selected The Hub to stay then you have taken the right decision because it is another name of excellence among customers. They are upgraded with the plenty of options for entertaining their passengers in an innovative way, including, games for children, comfort items, reading material, music, movies and much more. Their cooperative crew is there to welcome with incredible hospitality. They offer variety of services for the convenience of the customers at very affordable packages.  Facility of online booking offers extreme comfort to the clients. The customers can avail their booking service 24 hours in a day, according to their feasibility.

  1. Variety of facilities

It is the name of distinction for offering their supreme services. The use of the modern technology makes the room well- organized. These are furnished with modern furniture and latest equipment. Offering the wonderful music activity the hotel is the incredible place for your tourism. Explore the nightlife here by enjoying the music here. Enjoying the intricate rhythm of the drum and the beautiful music by dancing on the sand enhances the glamour of your cold night on the coastal area. It is the real attraction of the hotel. It will make your stay memorable with the help of the luxurious hotels and the beautiful night activities.

  1. Modern Technology

By facilitating their passengers in a modern way is the central objective of the hotel management. Their first priority is the satisfaction of the customers. Delivering the exclusive hosting in the hotel with the aim of providing an environment that is full of comfort and liberty is the elegant feature of the hotel. They offer a convenient environment to the executives for handling their business deals, preparing proposals and other filing work in the peaceful atmosphere of the aircraft in the business class of the hotel.

The majority of the people prefers those hotels that provide comfortable stay in the affordable packages.

Vietnam Cambodia 15 Day Tour

There are lots of traveling tours that are offered at various places and make them more than exciting for people to visit. While there are lots of places to visit, it is this area that has great influence upon a person to choose them and know to spend on it too. This is also the reason why many traveling companies offer different tours to places in a very good price so people can enjoy these benefits.


Viet bamboo travel is just the most perfect one for this idea as they offer such exquisite traveling options with variable duration and prices so that more and more people can enjoy and travel the world to explore the different beautiful aspects of many places particularly in the Vietnam Cambodia area. This is why they have a variety of tours at Cambodia Vietnam Laos Trip that have been devised just according to different people’s needs.

Let us also tell you that they offer a very special 15-days tour to the Vietnam Cambodia area and this is why this is also the most favored and the most popular tour of all other offered tours too. This is because 15 days are well spent and enough to know and enjoy any place in detail with awesome peaceful time and activities to enjoy alongside as well. This tour contains the most renowned as well as exciting places that are included as the best tourist attractions while they are also ideal and perfect for people of all ages s they are a true mix of all aspects within them.

This means that the tour has many historical visits, romantic boating experiences, thrilling market experiences, as well as peaceful and soothing beach visits that each and every person can enjoy. You shall not be bored in any minute of your tour and get amazed by the picturesque landscapes and breathtaking sceneries as you enjoy the beautiful sunsets and chirpy dawn every day at your comfortable and luxurious hotel.

When it comes to hotel, each and every thing can be managed for you from accommodation to car rental which can be chosen according to your own preference as well as choice of your budget as well. There are many options that you can choose while pick and drop to and from the airport and tickets as well as entries to many places are already included in the package of the 15-day tour. If you want, you can also check out the fully planned and detail itinerary you can have a short and quick glimpse at 15 Day Vietnam Cambodia tour page to know more.


The above link can clear all of your doubts and many different questions that you might have in your mind. If you also think that the tour package can be very expensive then we also assure you that we truly know the land which is why we have managed to get the best deals and the most affordable rates for you through our years of effort. Hence, if you want the best for you, your family, as well as your friends then you can get this 15-day package for yourself right away.


tourfrombali- travel Guide to Bali

Lapped the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Bali is yet one of 17,500 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, yet even among its vivid neighbors—and even following quite a while of tourism advancement—it remains solitary in its lavishness and unique excellence. It is a piece of the Coral Triangle, which has the most astounding assorted qualities of marine species, making the coral reefs that encompass the island an awesome sight. Regardless of the island’s little size, its populace holds a large portion of Indonesia’s Hindu minority. It’s known for surfing, old sanctuaries and castles, additionally has dynamic volcanoes and wild wildernesses. It has white sand shorelines in the south, and striking dark sand in the north and west. The island’s otherworldliness and its profound and varied culture are certain to get you snared when you go to Bali. Travel + Leisure’s Bali travel guide will help you make the ideal excursion to visit Bali for experiences in antiquated and characteristic marvels .

What Not to Miss in Bali

• Nasi Ayam Kedewatan eatery

• Ubud and the Monkey Sanctuary

• Pura Tanah Lot

• Hotel Tugu Bali

• Kuta Beach

• Museum Puri Lukisan

• Mozaic eatery

At the point when to Go to Bali

The stormy season endures from October til March with rainstorm level deluges, not the best time for tourism. High season, which is Easter week and Chinese New Year, by and large runs higher lodging rates amid the start of September. The best time to discover bargains for Bali travel is amongst September and December, and the best time to visit amid the dry season is April through October.

Try not to MISS

Dusk visit to the eleventh Century Uluwatu Temple roosted high over the Indian Ocean.

A dawn trek to the summit of Mount Batur. In case you’re gutsy, fit, and wouldn’t fret getting up amidst the night to go, you’ll be compensated with a portion of the island’s most stupendous perspectives.

An early morning ride along Seminyak Beach with stallions from Umalas Stables.

Further Information



San Diego Sailing Tours

San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City,” and it’s easy to see why it received this nickname. Their close proximity to the water makes it a playground for residents and visitors alike. California’s warm and sea-worthy climates have been rated among the top climates in the country. So, if you are looking for your next big getaway or vacation, California is worth considering.

San Diego, in particular, has plenty to offer, especially if you love the water. As the second-largest city in California, there is no lack of attractions to visit for people of all ages. In fact, Fun Cat Sailing offers an enjoyable, stress-free time with some beautiful and unique sights.

Fun Cat Sailings Large Catamarans

You don’t have to have experience as a mariner to enjoy getting out onto the water in a large catamaran. It’s designed for safety and stability. There are no lineups like you can expect to find at the other popular attractions and local points of interest nearby. You and your family can focus on settling back and enjoying the warmth of the sun, the patterns of the waves, and the variety of wildlife waiting to be discovered. It’s especially memorable if you have children in your group! Best of all, at Fun Cat Sailing in San Diego, they limit the number of guests on each tour to six, so it feels like a very personalized experience with your friends and family.

San Diego Whale Watching

Each year, thousands of gray whales migrate from their winter home in Alaska to Baja California. In these warmer waters, the females give birth to their calves. After delivery, the new mothers and babies spend several months in the southern climate so that the newborns can grow strong enough to undertake the long journey back to Alaska.

With several miles of coastline directly in the animals’ usual migration path, San Diego whale watching is a popular pastime for tourists as well as year-round residents. The migration period runs from the middle of December to April, with the peak migration season happening in about mid-January.

A gray whale is about as wide as a basketball court. It’s not uncommon to see them in pods of two or three (or even more) traveling together during the height of the migration season. It’s such a fascinating activity for the whole family, so make sure to watch the whales on your next sailing tour!

Dolphins and Sea Lions

There is so much you can expect to see with Fun Cat Sailing, especially dolphins and sea lions. Gray whales aren’t the only type of marine mammals you and your family are likely to see on one of their trips. Those who have taken tours with Fun Cat Sailing have seen bottlenose dolphins in the waters off the California coast. They may grow up to 12 feet in length and weigh up to 1,000 lb. You’d probably be surprised to find that, like a human hand, a dolphin’s pectoral flipper contains five digits.

These types of dolphins are usually found in groups up to 15 members. Recent research has shown that these groups are fluid, with groups joining other groups and then moving on. Some members of groups do form strong social bonds with each other, though.

California sea lions have a large range that stretches from the southeast portion of Alaska to Mexico and includes the Gulf of California. Male sea lions are larger than the females of the species, with more thickness through the neck region and a prominent crest. A male sea lion usually measures about 7.5 feet in length and can weigh up to 770 lb., while a female is about 5.5 feet long, and weighs about 220 lb. The sea lion’s coat can be light brown to black in color. They can be seen sunning themselves on beaches, wharves, or marinas.

Amenities on Board

When you step on board for your catamaran cruise in San Diego, California, you’ll find you’ll have everything you need for your comfort. The boat is large and equipped with two queen staterooms, a private changing area, a bathroom, and a galley (kitchen).

On deck, there is an area that is completely shaded and protected from spray. For guests who would like to enjoy sunbathing, the trampolines at the front of the boat allow them to enjoy the warm sunshine. You’ll never want to leave the catamaran!

Fun Cat Sailing’s Captain Rod is licensed and has more than 30 years of experience on the water. If you or a family member would like to help sail, you’re more than welcome! A day spent on the water with Fun Cat Sailing is one your entire family will be talking about long after your California vacation has ended. Call to book your sailing adventure today!

10 Places You Must Visit When in London

There are so many places to visit in the capital that even if you were to stay for a month, you would never find the time to fit them all in. With this in mind, we decided to put together a shortlist of must visit destinations that travellers can refer to when they are in the city.

Where to Go in London

Without further ado, let’s get into the list. All of the following destinations can easily be reached by tube or bus so you can visit them in any order you fancy.

  1. Kew Gardens – Spread over nearly 300 acres, the botanical gardens in Kew is a beautiful spot to visit when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours.
  2. HMS Belfast – Moored on the River Thames, adjacent to Southwark Crown Court, this WWII battleship is a great place to visit for both adults and children alike.
  3. London Bridge Experience – While you are in the area, you can also visit this attraction in Tooley Street, Southwark, which shows visitors the darker side of London’s rich history. The ticket prices include admission to its sister attraction, the London Tombs, built on the site of a former plague pit.
  4. Houses of Parliament – Even if you don’t go in, you must include the Palace of Westminster (as it is otherwise known) on your list of places to visit in London, for no other reason than the fact that the famous clock tower housing Big Ben (the bell inside the tower) is there.
  5. Buckingham Palace – Official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, this historic building needs no further introduction.
  6. Trafalgar Square – This is where you will find Nelson’s Column, the National Gallery, and every other tourist in the city at one point in time! Absolutely everybody goes to Trafalgar Square when they are in London.
  7. Tate Modern – On the south bank of the Thames you will find this world famous art gallery, home to modern works of art from all over the world.
  8. Hyde Park – Go boating on the Serpentine, check out the Albert Memorial or just lie on the grass and watch the world go by. Hyde Park, right at the end of Oxford Street, past Marble Arch, is another place that every visitor to London goes.
  9. Covent Garden – Loads of great pubs, bars, cafés, and restaurants make Covent Garden a fun destination whenever you are feeling peckish or in need of a caffeine boost.
  10. Natural History Museum – Dozens of dinosaur skeletons, thousands of insects, mammals, and other specimens can be found in London’s Natural History Museum, in Exhibition Road SW7.

If you still have time to spare after seeing all of the above destinations, have a search online and you will find hundreds of other suggestions for places to go while you are holidaying in London, many of which are completely free of charge for both locals and travellers from overseas to visit.