Discover the Secrets of All Inclusive Vacation Packages and Simplify Your Vacation

You’re vacation is coming up and you’re backlogged at work with overdue projects and obligations. You’re running out of time to do research or make extensive searches on the Internet for the best flight times and accommodations.

You know where you want to go but that’s about it. You’ve figured out a budget that fits your time frame and your destination. You just want to hop on a plane, forget about the job for a week or two, kick back and have a good time.

Sounds easy. But who’s going to arrange it all?

What you need is a good travel agent and an all inclusive vacation package.

Any travel agent that’s been around the block can hook you up with a dream vacation in the form of an all inclusive vacation package.

You just tell the travel agent where you want to go and how much money you’re willing to spend. The travel agent takes it from there.

When I lived on the east coast I loved to travel to different islands in the Caribbean. Problem was, with the business I was in I could usually make my reservations only two to four weeks in advance.

So, I called Roberta, my travel agent, told her where me and my girlfriend wanted to go, and she came back a day later with several options. And they were all great.

Travel agents have inside information on all the best airfares, the reputable hotels and resorts, transportation choices, touring opportunities and information about the most popular tourist activities.

It’s as easy to arrange the all inclusive vacation package as it is to eat an ice cream cone.
Travel agents know where to look and how to book your vacation day’s activities, if that’s your thing. It can’t get any easier than that.

How to find a good travel agent

Shop around for a travel agent with a good track record.

  • If you have friends who have booked their vacation packages with an agent who lived up to their claims, go visit that agent. Interview them.
  • Look online for travel agents who specialize in all inclusive vacation packages.
  • Visit travel message boards and chat with other travelers. You can get some valuable leads there.

What does the all inclusive vacation package come with?

All inclusive trips cover everything, from airfare to accommodations, all the way through a guided tour of the Coliseum or a scuba diving excursion.

What to ask your travel agent before you go

Make sure to check on travel insurance and eventualities – like what you should do if you find your hotel room is unacceptable or overbooked.

Even though all inclusive vacation packages cost more than self booking, you are covered in case of a snafu.

Before you go ask your travel agent just what backup is available if you find yourself stranded. An experienced and reputable travel agent will have the answers for you and can handle any problems, should they arise.

Your travel agent can also advise you on the details needing attention before you travel. For example visas, passports, airport security, currency exchange rates, and more.

So, are you ready to pack your bags, kick back and party and enjoy some all inclusive travel? Then go for it!