Important Facts on Travel Insurance For Pregnant Women

If you are expecting or your wife is pregnant and you wish to find out more about travel insurance for pregnant women, you’ve certainly come to the right page. Generally, a pregnant lady would prefer the comfort of her own home to that of hotels or long flights, but if it is compulsory for her to travel, then she would have to leave her comfort zone and head straight for the travel insurance company before she leaves the country.

On the other hand, there are those who would prefer to travel during their pregnancy stage because they know that for the next couple of years after their babies are born, they may not enjoy the convenience or freedom to move around. Whatever the reason is, here are some important facts for pregnant women to keep in mind when they travel.

First of all, this is the time where you have to seriously look at the terms offered by the travel insurance company. Do take time to focus on the fine prints because that is where the catch usually is. Pregnant women are considered by insurance companies as high risk. This is because a pregnant woman may deliver in a foreign land and therefore require medical insurance or should there be any complications while abroad, she would also need immediate medical attention.

Due to the high risk involved, very often pregnant women are not under any insurance coverage unless they are able to return eight weeks before their due date. It is advisable to check this clause with your travel agent and obtain a full understanding in order to prevent any risks to you and your baby. At the same time, you may want to reconsider about traveling, irregardless of any travel insurance policies, if you are in the second half of your final trimester. This is to avoid endangering yourself and your baby as the risk of complications is much greater.

In the event that you have to travel yet unable to obtain any coverage from any insurance companies, do get in touch directly with an insurance broker. Perhaps a special policy can be customized for you. Needless to say, the premium will be higher when compared to a standard policy. Still the protection is worth it in case something drastic happens. And do check with your physician before embarking on any trips. As a matter of fact, a letter certifying that you are in good health from your physician is required by both the airlines and insurance companies during the later stage of your pregnancy. At the same time, do check and confirm with the airlines on their specific terms and conditions for pregnant women to fly.