MLM or Network Marketing, is YTB, Your Travel Biz, the Best of the Best?

First off, YTB has a real product. If the only people who buy your product are distributors, you do not have a real product.

YTB sells Internet travel agencies to those who want a fun, profitable home based business. These people become travel agents and do not have to recruit others in order to be successful in YTB or to make money. They just book travel. They are NOT involved with MLM.

The marketing side of YTB, those who sell the travel agencies are paid according to an MLM system

YTB’s Internet travel websites are real, honest to goodness products, available at prices comparable to retail. (Actually, they are private labeled Travelocity websites, but I didn’t say that!)

Ask yourself, if you were to buy a McDonalds franchise, would you have to Sell McDonald’s franchises to others to make money, or would you just operate your business?

Neither is YTB a “Card Mill,”selling bogus travel agent credentials. Their travel agents carry the genuine, professional travel credential, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) card.

They are a real travel agency, having sold $300 Million in travel last year, and are on target to at least double that this year!

YTB travel agents can make a very good living from just booking travel on their YTB Internet travel agencies, their prices are comparable to Expedia, Orbitz and the rest.

One of the YTB agency owners in Atlanta, Ga. specializes in selling cruises to churches and makes a nice 6 figure income from these cruises alone!

YTB wants to become the biggest internet travel agency in the world and they are paying their people like they mean it.

The marketing side of the business is a separate company and implements the MLM business model better than any company I have ever seen.

Here are a dozen reasons I say that:

  1. The YTB comp plan will pay you double or triple what any other MLM pays
  2. You make permanent, 50% commission match on all your recruits, even if they pass you
  3. The company offers a guarantee that you will make at least $6,000/yr
  4. Your residual commissions are guaranteed by the company
  5. The company pays for your health insurance and life insurance when you reach Director
  6. It is a public company
  7. The company pays cash or stock bonuses of $1,000 to $1 Million
  8. It has no “Legs” to balance, you make a sale, 1 team member makes 10 sales, you get paid.
  9. There is no time limit to qualify for bonuses, whenever you reach the required number of sales, you get paid
  10. There are no monthly quotas
  11. The product is travel, the price is not inflated
  12. The company is one of the top 50 travel agencies in the world
  13. It pays 50 and 100% bonuses on team travel commissions

A baker’s dozen.

Commissions and bonuses are outrageous! You receive a lifetime commission match of 50% on everyone you recruit, even if that person is very successful and goes ahead of you!

My Director is a level 2 Director and he still gets that 50% override over someone he brought in who is now a Level 3 Director, who just got his $1 Million dollar ring, meaning that he earned over $1 Million in the last year!

Every time a Rep (Independent Marketing Rep) sells 6 travel agencies, ($500 ea) he receives $1,600. Whenever his team sells 6 agencies, he receives $300 in commission plus a $1,000 bonus.

When the team reaches 100 sales, the Leader receives a bonus of $10,000. Bonuses continue to $1,000,000, three of which have been given out in the last year.

There are no time limits to achieve the bonuses, no “legs to balance” no PV/BV crap, no “Business Centers” to activate.

In fact, you do not have to pay 1 penny to come on as an Independent Marketing Rep (IMR) and start making commissions.

It is a real sales job, only “Old Time” MLM’s force you to pay the company to work for them or sign up for “Auto ship” of hundreds of dollars of their over priced products that no one else will buy, every month in order to receive commissions. Ouch! Did I hit a nerve?

When is the last time you paid to take a job? Do you think one has to buy a TV to sell TV’s at Wal-Mart?

YTB provides its Level 1 Directors with company paid health and life insurance as well as a guaranteed minimum $2,000 monthly share of the company’s profits.

YTB guarantees its Reps residual commissions with the Bill of Rights. This is a clause written right into the Articles of Incorporation of the company’s corporate charter. How many companies have screwed you out of your residuals?

What has been the result of YTB’s policies? The company is exploding!

There are now 100,000 paying travel agency owners, up from 60,000 in January, up from 20,000 at the end of 2005! The company is public and is one of the top 50 travel agencies in the world.

How does your company compare?