Travel Guide to South Africa

South Africa:
Is in many respects a developed country, much of its people lives in poverty.All major urban areas have modern, hotels and facilities. Food and water are generally safe, and a wide variety of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals are also available. Pretoria is the capital, the seat of parliament is Cape Town, and the constitutional court, South Africa’s highest court is located in Johannesburg.

International Passport:
Your travelers passport must at least have two clean (unstamped)pages when you want to enter South Africa. Otherwise, you run the risk of being turned back to your point of origin at your expense, even when in possession of a valid South African visa. You are advised to carry a photocopy of the photo/bio information page of your passport and keep it in a location separated from your passport. You can check visa requirement with the nearest embassy or consulate of South Africa before traveling.

Yellow fever certificate:
If you are entering to South Africa from countries where yellow fever is endemic you are often required to present your yellow world health organization (WHO) vaccination record or other proof of inoculation or must be prepared to receive inoculation at the airport in other to be permitted entry.

Medical Insurance:
You are advised to consult your insurance company prior to your traveling to confirm if your policy applies overseas and whether it will cover emergency expenses such as medical evacuation. When making a decision regarding health insurance, you should consider that many foreign doctors and hospitals require payment on cash prior to providing services and medical evacuation from South Africa may cost about 50.000 dollars (US).Uninsured traveler who require medical care oversea often face extreme difficulties. When consulting with your insurer prior to your trip, ascertain if payment will be made to the oversea healthcare provider or whether you will be reimbursed later for your expenses incur. However, many travel agents and private companies offer insurance plans that will cover healthcare expenses incurred oversea.