10 Reasons for Attending Toronto International Film Festival, in 2017

Toronto international film festival is without any doubt the brightest and biggest film festival celebrated on the public level. There are a lot of attractions in this festival for all whether it is a lay man or any press member. The best festival experience is provided to people coming to attend it. Here are some of the reasons to attend this film festival in 2017.

More films in every category

There are a lot of films that belong to every possible category from horror to drama. Everyone has a chance to discover his particular niche in this wide collection of films. Some of the films are stronger, the battle of the sexes and the mountain between us.

Canadian content

In addition to the local industry, foreign films are also promoted. The Canadian movies include North of Superior, Alias Grace and Eye on Juliet. They offer a lot of thrill because some of them are even Oscar nominated.

Best documentaries

The documentaries like Jane, Long time running and the final year provide an in-depth insight to the people. They get to have the idea about what is going around in the world.

Finest quality dramas on top novels

Is anyone is drama fan; this festival has the best collection in it. Some of the best dramas including, I, Tonya, call me by your name and Breathe are in stock for the people coming here. This stock is best for even the college grads and old age people.

Buying this exceptional experience

The Toronto international film festival has the best collection in the form of both buzz list and closing night films. A person can have the curate experience whether by enjoying the last night show or attending the complete event.

Experience of red carpet

The complete thrill of the red carpet is shown in this event. The interest of all from the fans of movie fans to the fans of designer dresses is kept in mind.

Reach out the stars

A number of stars will be present at the Toronto international film festival 2017. The sports people, Comedians, musicians and the homegrown talent will also be coming to the event to bring thrill and excitement for the audience.

Question answer session after the public screening

The question answer session is carried out after the public screening even from the big stars. This session helps in making the cultural understanding better in many ways.

True festival with attraction for cinema

In other film festivals, people come for the stars and glamour; however, this is the only festival that is attractive for people just because of the movies and cinema selection in it. People come solely for the best selection of movies being displayed in this festival every year.

Christie projectors

This festival is really important because of digital projection offered to the viewers. It is the actual way in which the films are meant to be seen. The clean and high-quality print is offered on the screens.

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