How to Be a Smart Traveler and Spend the Least Amount of Money

You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy a lot while traveling. All you have to do is become a smarter traveler and take some or all of these steps to take a meaningful trip while spending the least amount of money.

Walk, Walk, Walk

When you’re overseas, you can save a great deal of cash if you minimize expenses on fares. Plus, walking allows you to explore new places up close. Take the adventure of talking with locals, experiencing exotic street foods along the way, or probably getting lost in narrow streets, And the best part is: you can enjoy these and more all for free.

Use Public Transportation

If you don’t like walking a lot, at least go for public transportation. It’s cheaper than taxi cabs. And it’s also a more authentic way of navigating around new places.

Rent A Bike

Like walking, the bike is cost effective and physically beneficial. There are even vacation rentals that already include the bike rental in the room rate.

Be Flexible with Your Flight Dates

It’s definitely a golden rule when traveling. Try to be flexible and opt for unpopular flights (such as early in the morning) since they guarantee a more budget-friendly price.

Visit Local Markets

Local markets have loads of authentic local food at prices you can afford. It also exudes a genuine vibe that makes you feel so close to the place’s culture and energy. There are crazy cheap deals you can grab at each town’s local markets.

Seek Out Free Wifi

Why spend for your internet when you can get WiFi for free? It’s best to book accommodation that includes free WiFi. We all need to keep the communication intact with friends and everyone back home.

Look For Free Days

There are some tourist sights and museums that have free or discounted days. Before your flight, research on which sites around your destination offer regular free tours. For example, in Barcelona, nearly all major museums are free every Sundays 3 pm onwards. Also, the Vatican Museums also have free admittance every last Sunday of the month.

Learn The Right Tools to Buy Your Flights

You can grab the best deal online by booking in advance. Probe rates as early as possible, like around three months ahead. It’s all about timing. It takes a bit of a learning curve, but it’s definitely worth mastering.

Avoid Eating Out at Restaurants a Lot

Restaurants are generally expensive. Try to learn how to cook your own meal or indulge in street food. You can also go for eat-all-you-can buffets for better deals. Or if you really like eating at restaurants, at least go for a brunch instead of having to eat an expensive breakfast and lunch separately.

Avoid Expensive Countries

This one sounds obvious but still noteworthy. Yes, there are a lot of budget tips wherever you go, but there’s a huge difference if you’re visiting a place whose standard of living is way higher than in your motherland. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s really not ideal.

There are more tips on how to spend the least amount of cash when traveling. Try some and enjoy an economical way to explore places and enjoy to the max.