Why That Dope Has Money and I Don’t

There’s a reason why some people have money and some don’t. Of course, I’m not counting getting laid off, family tragedy, a stock market collapse, that sort of thing. Those are things that are unpreventable. However, some people are savvy with money in ways others are clueless. Some multiply their money while others waste it. Some invest their money wisely, while others choose overly risky investments. Some establish multiple streams of income, and others depend only on that lone paycheck each week. Some find tax shelters and save on taxes, while others get eaten alive.

I own my own website on which I get cash back for everything I buy and commissions on everything friends, family, and acquaintances buy. You can buy almost anything on the site, including exclusive vitamin supplements, event tickets, flowers, insurance—plus you can shop from 700 department stores. In many cases, you also get free shipping. So I’m not only saving on items or services I purchase, but I’m also earning commissions on everything others buy on my site.

Not only that, but my site is also a travel booking site like Expedia or Travelocity, and is, incidentally, as user friendly and competitive price-wise as those sites. I am essentially a travel agent with all the benefits that includes. I save money on my own travel. I can take online classes with particular cruise lines and receive a free cruise. I earn commissions if acquaintances, friends, or family book travel on my site. I can set up group tours or cruises for great prices, and the larger the group, the greater the commission. And if I book eight cabins on most cruise lines, I get to travel free—sixteen cabins and I can take a friend or spouse free too.

But, perhaps just as valuable as earning nice commissions, as a travel agent, all my travel can be a tax write-off. Finding legit tax write-offs is a huge way that savvy people protect and save income. In the book Lower Your Taxes Big Time, Botkin writes, “If you were a travel agent and went to various cities and checked out the hotels, restaurants, accommodations, or meeting facilities, you would be able to deduct all your expenses and not even be subject to the 50 percent rule.”

Also, the organization of which I’m a part offers this huge buying/selling site free to non-profits: associations, charities, and faith-based groups. Many of these groups will accept such a freebie and promote it. You obviously don’t make any money up front, but you earn modest commissions on all the business they do through the site.

It’s a little sad. Many people who could be doing better financially fail to see the obvious benefits a business like this offers. But I find that those who are not desperate for income are often most likely to purchase this online business because they see how much money it can save them and earn for them at the same time. Go figure.