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Top 10 Best Beaches in Thailand You Should Visit

beaches in thailand

Beaches In Thailand - What's up guys, Im from and for about the past two and a half years I've been traveling all around Southeast Asia. I've pretty much visited every country and of which Thailand has to be in my top three. Now there's one thing that keeps me coming back to Thailand and that is the incredible beaches. And in this article, I wanted to tell you of my top 10 choices of the best beaches in all of Thailand.

Top 10 Best Beaches In Thailand

Koh Phi Phi

Beaches In Thailand

Number ten is a beaches in thailand that I'm a little embarrassed to admit is in my top ten. But Koh Phi Phi is a truly beautiful island, that's just a little bit overpopulated but if you're looking for an amazing night out this is the place to go. Koh Phi Phi is the party island. You can find yourself on this Beach seven nights of the week, it is always busy it's not the place to come if you're looking for a quiet or romantic getaway.

Maya Bay

Romantic Beach In Thailand

Maya bay is easily the most beautiful beach in all thailand but the reason it's not making the top three is because it's just simply too busy. But if you can get past the crowds or get there at the right time during the day you will be blown away by the incredible beauty. It was actually made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio's movie the beach or was it called the island

Koh Samet

The Best Beach In Thailand

Koh Samet is one of my favourite islands that very few people know about, and it's only about three and a half hours away from Bangkok using the local buses. The great thing about the beaches in Koh Samet Thailand is that you've got that beautiful blue clear water and you've got for the most part a very relaxing environment where you can enjoy the beach enjoy some great restaurants and a bit of nightlife it kind of gives you a little bit of everything and it's close to Bangkok.

Koh Nang Yuan, Most Romantic Beaches In Thailand

Most Romantic Beach Thailand

This is an island situated right off the coast of koh tao, it's literally a 15-minute little longtail boat away. And it's one of the most spectacular views I've seen in all my years of traveling. Now with most beautiful places in the world, it tends to attract crowds and Koh Nang Yuan is no exception. You have to pay to get on the island of the view and the spectacular beauty of this island. Definitely outweighs the cost and the crowds that you'll probably have to put up with. I recommend coming here towards the end of the day, so you avoid most of the crowds.

Railay Beautiful Beaches In Thailand

Beautiful Beaches In Thailand

Railay is basically taking a page right out of Avatar. This place is unbelievably beautiful. I would even go as far as saying it's probably the most spectacular landscapes I have ever seen in one place. However the reason it's not in the top three, is again the crowds you're gonna have to deal with. quite a bit of tourism but luckily because there's few places to sleep it does quiet down at night. 

So if you're willing to spend extra money you can get an incredible sunset because by then most people have headed back to the mainland. This is also a great place to do rock climbing and they have some incredible island tours, that take you to some of the most pristine beaches. And again be warned that like most of Thailand these days you will probably see crowds.

Koh Yao Yoi and Koh Yao Noi

Awesome Thailand Beach

This is actually two different islands but they're so close to each other I thought I would bring them together. Koh Yao Yoi and Koh Yao Noi are two little islands right off the coast of busy Phuket's. both of them are incredible Islands and if you're in the Phuket area I highly recommend you escape Phuket to go check these two out. they've got incredibly beautiful beaches and unlike pretty much every Beach I've mentioned so far you will probably not have to face any form of crowd.Not the most spectacular beaches in Thailand on their own. but the fact that you have privacy and awesome Islands, rent a scooter and explore there's a few good restaurants and a few great hotels. I have to say these are definitely some of the must visit beaches in Thailand.

Koh Ngai

Nightlife In Thailand

Now admittedly it's been at least a couple years since I was last there and it may have changed. but when I was there last I just remember seeing one of the most pristine beaches in Thailand I'd ever seen with the most clear blue water. there was a simple swing set up where you could just feel like you were swinging for paradise and there was nobody else there other than a few day-trippers. one of the ways to see Koh Ngai without spending the big money dock should stay on the island is to do the day trip. there's a four island and a five island tour and sometimes they'll include Koh Ngai I would definitely try to go out of my way to see it.

Koh Tao, Best Nightlife Beaches In Thailand

Travel in Thailand

This Beach holds a special place in my heart for a different reason. it is not the most beautiful it is probably one of the busiest and sometimes it can even be a little bit dirty. but what I love about Syre Beach is the nightlife. and when it's nighttime it comes to life. you've got bars restaurants you've even got fire shows going on. I definitely recommend cooked out to any traveler. koh tao is actually a very big island and it has many other beautiful beaches surrounding it. but Syre is the one that definitely gets the most attention and it's the best for the nightlife.

Koh Kood

Holiday in Thailand

The second most beautiful beach in all of Thailand is on an island that as of right now very few people are visiting. on the eastern coast of Thailand near the Cambodian border there are a few beautiful islands and Koh Kood is one of them. my girlfriend and I had the incredible opportunities to stay at one of the finest resorts in all of Thailand. and at that resort they had this beach on koh Kood that literally was what dreams were made oh. 

This is the most beautiful beach I've ever seen in my entire life hands down granted it's also not the most natural Beach I've ever seen this place is definitely groomed can tell that there's not a single piece of garbage there's not a single piece of foliage that's been left around they keep this place in tip-top condition but purely from an aesthetics point of view this is the premium Beach you cannot beat this. now the reason it's not number one was because it's not publicly available and it was so well groomed that it really wasn't that natural of a beach but for just enjoying that romantic getaway or having that picture-perfect moment that beach in Koh Kood Thailand was my favorite.

Koh Mak

Vacation in Thailand

And last but not least is the number one beach in all of Thailand. it's actually very close to Coco's Thailand. and that is on an island by the name of Koh Mak. Now Koh Mak similar to coco is currently a bit of a sleeper Island but it is unbelievably beautiful and I think that there is a lot more tourism coming its way soon. 

If you want to experience a pristine Beach that still has great amenities restaurants and hotels, but you don't have to compete with the crowds then you're definitely gonna want to check out Koh Mak. and what leads me to the number 1 Beach is actually not Koh Mak, but a little island right off the coast of it just a 10-minute longtail boat away. The name is Koh Kham, is a privately owned Island and on it was one of the most incredible beaches I've ever seen. 

It basically ticked off every box that you could possibly be looking for if you want to find the most beautiful beach, incredible fine, white sands, the clearest of blue waters, the tall swaying palm trees, and it even had a feeling of being disconnected from the rest of the world which I absolutely loved. for me it is the perfect Island and it makes my number one in all of Thailand.

Such are the 10 beaches in Thailand that I recommend for you to visit. You should visit it at least once in your lifetime. It is a pity to pass through such amazing natural beauty. Have a good time.

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