August 24, 2021

The Biggest Castle In The World; Have You Been There?

biggest castle in the world

Biggest Castle In The World - Imagine visiting the biggest castle in the world that you might only see through the internet or movies! You can actually find lots of castles worldwide that you once dreamed about when you were still a kid. There are castles that become the real place for princes and princesses that are from the ‘real land’.

The Biggest Castle In The World; Make Sure You Visit It

Windsor Castle, One of the big castle in the world

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Who would doubt the beauty of this oldest castle in the world? Great Britain is proud to have this castle. As one of the main dwelling places of England’s Queen, the area reaches more than 50,000 square meters. This fact makes the Windsor Castle one of the big castle in the world.

The castle is open for visitors at certain timings.  At this moment, it becomes the official place for many official events that the kingdom holds. The first building process took place in the 1070s. There have been several renovations without any changing of the theme. The castle hosts the St. George’s Chapel,  state apartments, and the Queen Mary’s dollhouse.

The movie, Johnny English: Strikes Back, even used this castle for one final scene. This is, of course, due to the close relationship between Rowan Atkinson and the Royal Family.

Malbork Castle, One of the large castle in world 

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Known well as a Castle of Bricks, it is even much bigger than Windsor Castle. It covers approximately 150,000 square meters. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, many people consider this as the biggest castle worldwide. For you to know, this castle is one of the large in world.

Malbork Castle was erected around the 13th century in Poland. It was the Teutonic Knights who decided to use bricks instead of common stones that were mostly used for building castles. Of course, it turns out to be one of the most attractive sites in Poland.  Most tourists love to witness the very gigantic space, the sacred monastery, and the museum that hosts Teutonic knights’ excellent items like armors, weapons, and so forth.

Prague Castle, One of the huge castle in the world

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It may not be the biggest castle worldwide. But, Prague Castle is very big with a width that reaches 66,761 square meters.  It is not only the biggest but also the oldest castle ever! Czech Monarchs built it in 880 AD.  This is why visitors can see lots of historical artifacts as well as crown jewels within any of the museums in the castle.

At this moment, Prague Castle becomes the Heads of the State’s main building. The castle has such a strong accent of mixed Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque, and Gothic architecture.  It lies on the Vltava river’s left bank.

This castle is more amazing with its various historical sites, galleries, museums and many more. Yet, its main attraction is the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Neuschwanstein Castle, the Danish castles

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Do you ever notice the form of most Disney movies’ castles?  All of them resemble the Neuschwanstein Castle. This is one of the most favorite castles in Germany. It is also one of the historical sites that have the highest number of visitors in Bavaria.

King Ludwig II built this fairy-tale castle in 1886. He planned to make this castle a place where he and his families wanted to relax. It was different from other castles that were mostly erected for protecting a city or a king’s family.

It comprises more than 65,000 square feet and lies on a very high hill. It is amazing to see a tower that reaches more than 200 feet. It is definitely worth visiting.

Himeji Castle, One of the tallest castles in the world

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This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that Japanese people are proud of. Built in the 17th century, Himeyama comprises 41,468 square meters. There are eighty-three wood buildings here that make this castle is even more unique and exotic.

We all know that Japanese people are now building great buildings to survive earthquakes. Imagine how ancient people could ever build this castle, which has stood the test of time by surviving earthquakes many times! In Asia, it is classified as the biggest castle.

Edinburgh Castle, the England castle

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It represents the very remarkable history of Scotland. It comprises 35,737 square meters. There is the grandeur St. Margaret’s Chapel within the castle, which is the oldest building here. Visitors can witness the Scottish war memorial, Scotland Crown jewels, Half moon Battery, and many more.

Amazing History Ever

Each biggest castle in the world really can bring you lots of fun. You won’t only witness the gorgeous structure that people could ever build in ancient times. But you can also find out the rich history of every country where those castles dwell.