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5 of the Best and Most Romantic Getaways in Georgia

Romantic Getaways in Georgia

There are several options of romantic getaways in Georgia if you feel like spending times alone with your significant other. Georgia is a place with its own natural charm. It has its beaches, mountains, beautiful gardens, and even historic sites – if you are up to it. 

You can choose Georgia to visit as a tourist destination in FebruaryIf you are looking for more magical moments where your hearts flutter, there are some places that you can put into your list.

Romantic Getaways in Georgia for Sports Lovers

If you (and your special one) are into sports so much, and yet you want to spend private times alone, head to Dahlonega, one of the popular cities in Georgia. 

You can enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings without ditching your sports routines. Want to do some whitewater rafting? Or what about doing yoga on the mountain? You can do them all!

The place has several packages, and some of them include meals, yoga classes, and also spa service. The place is also pet-friendly. Be aware, though, that the place doesn’t have phones or TV inside the rooms. It’s because you are supposed to enjoy everything naturally and not being ‘interfered’ by your busy life. If you like exploring around, excited about water sports, and are giddy about going biking or hiking, this would be just the perfect spot for you!

Barnsley Resort

Romantic Getaways in Georgia

Looking for a private moment alone? Want to enjoy some quality quiet moment together, and yet still be able to explore around? Then this one would be your next go-to spot. You should be able to have your own (private) cottage in Adairsville. It has its own comfy fireplace and gardens where you can explore and roam free on your own. 

Feel like going for a little bit of adventure? Go on a horseback riding, play golf, or go kayaking. Yes, they also provide one. Want to enjoy a romantic dinner together? They can make a diner-in-style ready. And if you feel like getting a massage after a whole day full of exploration, book your appointment with them. It’s like being in a heaven!

Beechwood Inn

Romantic Getaways in Georgia

Prefer having a mountainous air to relax and unwind? This place has the perfect relaxing spot for you. They will give you options, whether you want to stay in a secluded cabin or in a luxurious suite. Not to mention that it is popular for its farm to table dining style and impressive wine. 

If you reserve for a romance package, you should have no problem enjoying the beautiful flower arrangement (for the room), chilled wine, Southern breakfast only for two, chocolate truffles (custom made!), and even a pair of champagne flutes for keepsake.

Located in Clayton, the place allows you to enjoy outdoor activities too, such as boating and cruising down Lake Burton, going on a hike to waterfalls, and also horseback riding. The combination of tasty meal, relaxed and serene atmosphere, and beautiful view will keep you recharged and be ready for your next busy routine.

Blue Ridge

Romantic Getaways in Georgia

This is a perfect place to have holidays without missing out much. With different lodgings options, you will never run out of place to spend the night – and to enjoy the whole day. There are townhouses if you prefer the city setting. There are also bed and breakfast lodgings if you want to feel the local people’s lifestyle. There are also mountain cabins, if you prefer a secluded place to spend the days with your loved one.

Feel free to explore Mercier Orchards as you can pick your favorite fruits. There are plenty of them! Cherries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and apples, all are fresh and ready. Or if you want to explore around, there is always the Scenic Blue Ridge Railway that will take you up to the mountain so you can enjoy the scenery. It will also take you to the border towns of Copperhill in Tennessee and McCaysville in Georgia. Culinary exploration is open wide as you can go to Toccoa Riverside Restaurant or Harvest on Main.

Callaway Resort and Garden

Romantic Getaways in Georgia

If you really want to enjoy a quiet vibe, far from the hustle and bustle of big city, this place has the perfect spot for you. The rooms have balconies facing the garden, woodland area, and even the lake! If you really want to stay away from others, you can reserve a comfortable cottage that has its own fireplace, screened porch, and full kitchen. You can still explore the garden, enjoy spa treatment, or take part in tennis or golf game.

Final Words

There are still hundreds of places to explore in Georgia. After all, the place has its own charm and appeal. You will never run out of options when it comes to romantic getaways in Georgia.

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