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Things to Do in Switzerland for Solo Travelers

Think to do in switzerland

Visiting Switzerland, you should spare more days because there are many things to do in Switzerland you won’t want to skip. Even when you travel alone, there are always interesting attractions to find.

If in the asian continent we have beautiful beaches of Thailand, then in Europe we have amazing swiss land. 

Talking about solo traveling, Switzerland is an ideal destination. Ranked low for violent crime, the country is definitely very safe for anyone who wants to travel alone.

Recommended Things to Do in Switzerland

The number of tourist attractions in Switzerland is endless. That's all because Switzerland has amazing natural beauty. Below is only a few of many things to do when visiting the country.

Walk around Lake Zurich

waterfalls in switzerland

Lake Zurich is a famous excursion destination in Switzerland. In summer you can sail, batch, or enjoy a picnic on fabulous spot such as in Lützelau, a tiny island in the middle of the lake. For those who enjoy sports, doing windsurfing, waterskiing, or stand-up paddling is highly recommended.

Feeling hungry in the middle of your trip? Just stop by in the nearby restaurants. Not only do the restaurants around Lake Zurich offer delicious culinary delights, they also offer stunning views.

Explore the Swiss Natural Park

autumn in switzerland

As the Switzerland's biggest nature reserve, the national park offers various routes for hiking with three different levels of difficulty, allowing you to choose the one that suits your skill. The other thing to do in the natural park is wildlife spotting. There are various Swiss animals that are probably rarely spotted anywhere else such as marmot, ibex, mountain hare, and snow vole.

Sample Some Fine Wines

best restaurants in switzerland

Switzerland is well-known for high-quality wines. There are many regions that offer a broad range of wineries with tours and wine tasting such as Valais, Geneva, and Ticino. If you are a die-hard wine lover, tasting the wines from the regions is a must.

Taste Some of the Best Swiss Chocolate and Cheese

honeymoon in switzerland

In addition to wines, chocolate and cheese are the other popular produce of Switzerland. Swiss chocolate is marvelous with harmonious flavors and rich texture, making it one-of-a-kind. One of the most popular chocolate shops you should visit is Läderach. Here you can enjoy dark chocolate with nuts and cranberries.

Your visit to Switzerland is not complete if you do not take cheese factory tour. As you know, Switzerland is the world’s cheese capital where there are over 50 cheese factories. The factories offer a tour where tourists can taste some award-winning cheeses and see their making process.

Take a Bernina Express Ride

restaurants in interlaken switzerland

The Bernina Express train takes you on an amazing trip where you can enjoy incredible views during the journey. The train is equipped with more personal space and panoramic cars. The train route runs all year round. If you want to see colorful fields and farming villages, visit in spring. 
During winter, you can enjoy the beauty of snow-covered mountains and frozen lakes. In a nutshell, any time is good time.

Check out the Château de Chillon

canyoning switzerland

Château de Chillon is castle situated on the island in Lake Geneva. You can join a guided tour that lasts for almost an hour. The tour includes seeing the prison, exploring the weapon rooms, walking along the wooden pathways, and enjoying the view over Lake Geneva.

Accommodation and Transportation in Switzerland

The most common means of transportation is train which can bring you to any city, town, small villages, and even the most remote mountain areas. 

For the accommodation, there are many types available such as apartments, hostels, mountains huts, and campsites. You can easy to find best hostels in switzerland.

What to Prepare before You Go

If you want to have a perfect vacation, preparation is the key especially if you are travelling alone. As there are many places to go and many things to do, it is very important to make bucket list destination. If you only have two weeks, it is impossible to explore the whole country. That is why planning the itinerary is vital.

Learning the language spoken in Switzerland can be also beneficial. For your information, English is rarely spoken here. It will be good if you now a little German, French, or Italian.

Whether you travel alone or with friends and family, Switzerland is indeed the perfect country to visit. There is no need to worry about things to do in Switzerland because the world’s most photographed mountains, the world’s famous ski resorts, the chocolate treats, the Europe’s most beautiful lakes, and the finest wines are all here to make your day. 

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