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Famous Cities For New Years Eve; Which One That You Want to Visit?

famous cities for new year's eve

Ready for searching the most famous cities for New Years Eve? You shouldn’t search for more because you can find the best alternatives to spend a memorable evening before welcoming the New Year. Wherever you want to go, you can choose the one that might be very close to your country, or even the farthest one because you want to find the most challenging journey before leaving all those 365 days behind.

What Are Those Famous Cities for New Years Eve?

1. Sydney

famous cities for new year's eve

This city has been very popular for one of the most adorable celebrations of New Year’s Eve. Before the counting down takes place, there will be a series of amazing entertainment before all visitors can watch the giant pictures and videos of the Harbour Bridge pylons.  The first display of the fireworks is at 9 PM after the ceremony of Welcome to Country that recalls the history of Australia. Before midnight, there will be a series of The Harbor of Light Parades.

2. Paris

famous cities for new year's eve

Nobody doubts the beauty of the City of Lights. This is particularly on New Year’s Eve whenever this city becomes the City of Fireworks.  Even natives don’t mind lining the Champs-Élysées. There are hundreds of thousands of them that bring champagne bottles for the sake of enjoying the unforgettable New Year’s eve with the amazing panorama of the Eiffel Tower.

The best thing about spending New Year in Paris is the seemingly endless celebration that takes place the next day. The first of January is the day when there are lots of celebrations throughout the city. People enjoy the New Year by sending gifts and deliver dinner invitations to their families.

3. Beirut

famous cities for new year's eve

Some people don’t really consider that this city has such amazing celebrations on New Years’ eve. Nejmeh Square, the clock tower with the strong art deco style in central Beirut is the place where thousands of people gather. There will be a great light show from several hours before midnight.

When the fireworks burst right at midnight, couples will kiss to celebrate their everlasting love. The lights of those fireworks add the delight of the amazing views of those peaks of churches and mosques.  Everyone will be amazed how such beautiful sceneries exist in the city where there have been conflicts that take place.

4. Madrid

famous cities for new year's eve

The tradition of swallowing twelve grapes is what Madrid natives do every New Year’s eve. It is fun to see how a person swallows one grape in one clock stroke before midnight.  For those who can finish swallowing on time, then it is the representation of one’s luck in the coming year. 

Of course, this myth is just fun because everyone can have the best luck, based on one’s hard work. Whatever the tradition is, there are endless fun activities at the Puerta del Sol plaza as people gather to do the ritual and watch the fascinating fireworks. After the New Year's Eve celebrations, don't forget to prepare for your Valentine's Day holiday in February.

5. Edinburgh

famous cities for new year's eve

Famous Cities For New Years Eve - Travelers will find Hogmanay at Edinburgh as one of the most popular cities that deliver the best New Year’s eve celebration. This city even celebrates a festival for The New Year for three consecutive days.

There will be a procession of the torchlight from the 30th of December up to the street party, right in the New Year’s evening, and ends at January’s first Final Fling.  Nobody should miss all the celebrations. There are also concerts, events for families, and most of all, the River Forth’s plunge that is truly remarkable.

6. Berlin

famous cities for new year's eve

It seems that this city is the most favorite one among others when it comes to the remarkable New Year’s Eve. The spot that lies between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column is where millions of people celebrate the New Year. The celebrations include DJs, live bands, fireworks and so forth.

7. London

famous cities for new year's eve

Last but not the least, London is always famous for the most memorable New Year’s Eve at Big Ben where the fireworks burst to each chime of the bell.  Then, the London Eye will be the next place to witness another amazing rock music concert that people in the whole city can hear.

Where Do You Want to Visit?

All of those famous cities for New Years Eve are worth visiting. Apart from those cities. You can also choose the beach in Thailand for a vacation during new year celebrations. Why did we choose Thailand?, because Thailand is famous for having beautiful beaches. So, make your own list and be ready to enjoy the endless fun. 

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