November 05, 2021

The Best Places to Visit in Japan for Tourists

Places to visit in japan

Places to visit in Japan - In Asia, not only in Thailand, but also Japan has a very beautiful tourist spot. The number of places to visit in Japan is countless. From incredible natural landscapes to superb Japanese cuisine, a visit to Japan offers adventure around every corner. In addition to the stunning places, Japan is clean and safe. Moreover, the people are very friendly and polite. These explain why Japan becomes one of the best tourist spots in the world. 

Places to Visit in Japan for Splendid Natural Vista

Looking for a recommended place to go in Japan is very easy because there are unlimited options. For those who want to enjoy natural Japanese scenery, here are the choices. 

1. Shiratani Unsuikyo Gorge

what to see in japan

Those whose hobby is hiking really must visit this lush green park located in Yakushima. The park houses some well-maintained hiking trails surrounded by ravines. Although it is mainly dedicated to hikers, anyone can enjoy this popular destination without much strenuous hiking.

Tourists can choose any desired circuit that varies in length from one to four hours long. If they want, it is also possible to pick their own route among the paths to wander around the forest. Don’t worry about getting lost because English signs are available everywhere. 

2. Kawaguchiko Lake 

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The lake is one of the best places to enjoy the view of Mount Fuji. The lake is more beautiful during the cherry blossom season which last from mid-March to early May or in the autumn around the first half of November where you can enjoy the breathtaking fall foliage.

Around Kawaguchiko Lake, there are some other tourist attractions such as hot spring baths and various art museums. On top of that, there is a boat tour that takes you wandering around the lake. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji from here, make sure to visit the lake early in the morning because starting from the afternoon, clouds will come and obstruct the view.

3. Furuzamami Beach 

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This beautiful, pure white beach is situated in Okinawa Island. The beach is a paradise for those who like diving and snorkeling, but it is also recommended for anyone who just want to walk along the shore during the summer season. Near Furuzamami beach, there are other beaches which are equally beautiful where you can see the picturesque white sand and great blue ocean.

4. Nachi Waterfall

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The waterfall should be put on top of your list for your next travel especially if you are a nature wonderer. This beautiful 133m waterfall is surrounded by luscious greenery. It needs a little bit effort to get to the closest point to the waterfall, but once you get there, you will understand why the place is really worth-visiting. In addition to visiting the waterfall, a trip to Nachi usually also includes a visit to Seigantoji temple.

Where to see traditional Japan?

While some people are attracted with the beauty of natural views, some others prefer to explore the traditional Japan as depicted from these tourist attractions. This is the best places in Japan.

1. Imperial Tokyo 

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As the capital city of Japan, this metropolitan area boasts a wide array of activities for tourists. Although it is the world’s leader in fashion and technology, Tokyo maintains a strong cultural and traditional history that makes it a popular destination to see the traditional Japan.

One of the best historical sites in Tokyo is of course Tokyo Imperial. Located in the heart of Tokyo, this large park-like area contains a number of buildings such as the main palace, museums, and administrative offices. There is also a huge garden where tourists can have a relaxing walk.   

2. Historic Kyoto 

best places to go in japan

Known for the cultural capital of Japan. Kyoto is home to numerous palaces, gardens, Shinto shrines, and Buddhist temples. Some of the major tourist destinations here include Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace, and Fushimi Inari Shrine. 

3. Osaka Castle 

places to visit in japan

This top-rated tourist destination has a tumultuous history, unique architecture, an impressive stone wall, and nice panoramic views from the top floor. Located in the center of Osaka, the castle can be accessed easily from many train station.

The above places are only a few of the many top places to visit in Japan destinations that you must visit. By the way Japan also one of the best places to visit in february. As there are many other interesting places to visit in Japan, it is necessary to prepare your vacation very well so you can enjoy all of the recommended destinations.