November 06, 2021

Whats To See In Amsterdam During Holliday

whats to see in amsterdam

Whats To See In Amsterdam - When asked what to see in Amsterdam, most people would answer its canals. In addition to the large number of canals, actually there are many other tourist attractions that are similarly worth visiting as listed below. 

Places To Visit In Amsterdam 

The Dutch Capital is well-known for a wealth of world-class museums that becomes one of the main top attractions in Amsterdam. Above are the top-rated museums you must visit when visiting Amsterdam

1. Van Gogh Museum 

whats to see in amsterdam

If you are the fan of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings, visiting this museum is a must. Not only can you see some of the most popular paintings created by the Dutch painter, in this amazing museum you can also learn a lot about his work and life. On average, tourists spend one to two hours exploring this four-floor museum. This museum is one of the must see places in Amsterdam.

2. Stedelijk Museum

places to visit in amsterdam

Anyone who is passionate about modern and contemporary art and design must visit this museum. It is home to works by some of the most prominent artists of the latest centuries. Modern art lovers will surely find the size and quality of the museum’s collection impressive even though the museum itself is quite small. For me, this is one of the cool places in Amsterdam.

3. Rijksmuseum 

where to go in amsterdam

The museum is one of the most iconic sights in Amsterdam. Filled with history, art, and culture, this is a must-see museum especially for those admiring works of all the Dutch masters from the Golden Age. There will be a guide accompanying the tour to help visitors know the collection better.

4. Anne Frank House

must see places in amsterdam

You must have heard and read a lot about Anne Frank, the victim of Holocaust who is amour for her poignant diary. It will be very interesting to visit the house where Anne and her family was hiding during World War II. Inside the museum, there are also a museum café and shop that serve various snacks and lunch dishes

Best Places To Visit In Amsterdam for Afternoon Strolls 

There are many districts in Amsterdam offering unusual strolls you will never forget.  Taking a stroll down these following places, for instance, will create memorable experiences. 

1. Begijnhof 

top attractions in amsterdam

This famous architectural complex is really an oasis of peace. This beautiful hidden courtyard is situated in the center of Amsterdam. It is open every day for tourists from 9:00 to 17:00. After exploring the Begijnhof, you can easily walk to some nearby tourist attractions such as Dam Square and Amsterdam Museum where you can learn the history of Amsterdam. 

2. Canal Belt 

tourist attractions in amsterdam

Your visit to Amsterdam will not be complete before strolling around Canal Belt. Within the canal, there is popular shopping area named de 9 straatjes. Here, you can easily find unique boutiques, secondhand shops, bars, and hotspot restaurants. All of these make the Canal Belt one of the best places in the city to wander all day.  

3. Vondelpark

top places to visit in amsterdam

The Vondelpark is perfectly flat and ideal for a picturesque stroll for just any type of people. A walk through the Vondelpark gives you a vibe of becoming the real Dutch even when you just staying the main paths surrounded by friendly stick-chasing dogs and barbecues or stick to the restful leafy side walkways to count romantic bridges. 

Along the walk, there are several sites to rest your feet. For example, you can stop by the Blauwe Theehuis for a while. Built in 1937, it has glorious and unique architecture to admire. There are 700 seats available here, making it the biggest terrace in the city. Here, you can also have a pretty good lunch and get a wine or beer. 

4. Keukenhof

cool places in amsterdam

As the largest flower garden in the world, Keukenhof is definitely a must-visited place in Amsterdam. Throughout the garden, flowers are everywhere. Strolling through the garden, you can view over 800 different types of tulip that bloom during the entire season. 

After walking around the park, you might feel a bit tired and hungry. Don’t worry about that because it is easy to spot a number of restaurants in the garden to fill your belly or just to rest your feet. There are also many food stalls around the park serving Hollandse nieuwe haring, stroopwafel, egg cookies, and other traditional Dutch snacks.

In Amsterdam, you are not only presented with beautiful scenery and cities. But also you will find many magnificent castles from the middle ages.

Now that you’ve already had some ideas about what to see in Amsterdam, it will be easier to plan your visit.