January 12, 2022

Places to Visit in California During Vacation With Loved Ones

places to visit in california

Places to Visit in California - The United States is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. One week is not enough to explore the vast territory of this country. One of the most crowded tourist destinations in the United States is the state of California. If you have enough time on vacation, then we recommend you to visit California.

The state of California is located on the west coast of the United States. According to the United States population census, this state has the largest population. In addition to a very large population, California also has a diverse ethnic diversity.

California has become one of the dominant drivers in the United States both economically and culturally. This state has cities that are famous throughout the world and also modern, namely Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Not only modern cities, California also has natural scenery that is no less beautiful than other tropical countries such as Indonesia or other Asian countries such as Japan. California's natural landscape features vast, green valleys, high mountains, hot deserts, and hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline.

With an area of 410,000 sq km, making California the 3rd largest state in the United States. Referring to the natural beauty and convenience of cities in California, you should pay attention to California as an attractive tourist destination for families.

Here are 12 Interesting Places to Visit in California

Golden Gate Bridge

places to visit in california

The Golden Gate Bridge is a very famous bridge in California, serves as a link between the city of San Francisco and Mari County, California. The length of this bridge is 2,727 m, built over 37 years, completed in 1937 by Joseph Strauss. Until now, the Golden Gate Bridge is the longest bridge in the world.

According to Frommer's Travel Guide, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world, as well as the most beautiful and most photographed in the world. The American Society of Installment Engineers stated that this bridge is one of the best examples in bridge engineering, both aesthetically and in terms of its beauty and structural design.

Golden Gate Park

places to visit in california

Golden Gate Park offers amazing natural beauty for those of you who like recreation. With an area of up to 1000 hectares, this park area offers a natural sensation in plantations, meadows, lakes, golf, archery areas, and there are art museums that are famous around the world.

Golden Gate Park has ten lakes in it, making it the most popular tourist destination for you to visit. It is recorded that more than 13 million people visit this park every year. This makes Golden Gate Park is most popular places to visit in California.

Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park

Places to visit in california

Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park is located in the city of San Francisco. This place is one of the centers for the development of the fishing industry in California. The place that you must visit here is the Wharf pier, there are lots of fishing boats that lean there so that it adds to the sense of a romantic atmosphere. 

You can also visit Hyde Street Pier and see the ocean and the old beach, where there used to be many historic ships that docked there. In addition, you can also visit the Maritime Museum in this area.

If you want to visit Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park, you should take a walk at night. Because the atmosphere at night is more romantic at the Aquarium of The Bay, street magic shows, The Rocket Ship, restaurants, souvenir shops, and various amusement rides for children.

Natural Bridges the Popular Place in California

Natural Bridges

For those of you who like camping in the wild, we recommend you to visit Natural Bridges. But it should be noted, if you plan to visit Natural Bridges, then use comfortable sports shoes. Because to reach it, you have to walk quite a distance. There are many natural bridges on this hiking trail, which are of stunning beauty.

You have to swim in the natural river if you want to explore further from this bridge. But you don't need to worry that the river at Natural Bridges won't drown your body. This is one of the most popular places to visit in California.

Yosemite National Park

Popular Place in California

The natural beauty of this park not only attracts tourists from all over the world, but also domestic tourists. When you visit this place, be prepared to be amazed to see the various natural splendors and amazing natural beauty created by nature in this park.

You can see the natural wonders of the giant rocks of El Capitan, the beautiful Yosemita Valley formed by glaciers thousands of years ago, and the beauty of Yosemite Falls with a height of 435 meters.

Napa Valley

Places to visit in california

If you like to drink wine, Napa Valley is a place that you must visit. This place is located in the coastal area of California. The Napa Valley is known for its excellent and delicious wine producing areas.

Wine from this area has been famous all over the world. The climate in the Napa Valley is claimed to be very suitable for cultivating various types of vines. One of the grapes that has been recognized as the King of Red Wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon grape that thrives in the Napa Valley.

The atmosphere of cycling while exploring the expanse of vineyards is very amazing. And don't forget to take the time to stop by one of the wineries to enjoy high-quality wine. In addition, there are many SPAs that provide relaxing massage sessions in Napa Valley. And don't forget to enjoy the view of Napa Valley via hot air balloon.

Pismo Beach

Popular Place in California

California also has very beautiful beaches. Pismo Beach is located south of Paso Robles. This area not only presents a number of beautiful small beaches, but at Pismo Beach there are parks, nature conservation, and wineries that are no less beautiful than the Napa Valley. There are many lodging accommodations at Pismo Beach, so you don't have to worry if you are going to visit Pismo beach. Pismo beach is very popular places to visit in California.

San Diego The Most Visited Place in California

Places to visit in california

San Deigo is a coastal city located in southern California. This city has a very beautiful and amazing beach. Therefore, many foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists who visit it every year. Therefore, if you are a beach lover, San Diego must be on your vacation list.

Not only a beautiful beaches, this city also has the biggest zoo in California named San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park which is very famous throughout the United States. Not only that, San Diego is also famous for having marine animal tourism, namely San Diego Sea World which has various types of marine animals.

Lake Tahoe is The Popular Tourist Places in California

Popular Tourist Places in California

This beautiful lake is located in California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe is a tourist destination that is ideal for you to visit in various seasons with your beloved family. You can do activities such as swimming, or sunbathing while enjoying the clear lake water.

Some families also enjoy cycling or hiking in the summer. However, if you visit this lake in winter, then Lake Tahoe will be filled with lovers of skiing, sledding, and sleigh riding.

Knott's Berry Farm

Popular Tourist Places in California

If you are looking for the oldest amusement park in the United States, then Knott's Berry Farm is one of them. This amusement park is located in Buena Park, California, United States. Having classic and interesting themed rides is the special attraction of this amusement park. Knott's Berry Farm offers 40 rides that can test your adrenaline. These include roller coasters, water playgrounds, and several other rides.

Santa Catalina

Popular Tourist Places in California

Santa Catalina Island is a small island that is exotic and very beautiful. You have to use a ferry to reach this beautiful island. On this island, you will not see private cars passing by. Vehicles that are allowed on this island is only bicycles, taxis, and golf carts. If you like swimming, sunbathing, fishing, or even diving, then this island must be at the top of your vacation list.

Death Valley The Exotic Places in California

Exotic Places in California

We recommend that you visit this place in winter or spring, as you won't have to bother battling the heat while exploring this beauty in Death Valley. When you are in this place, you will feel that you are in the middle of a vast and infinite expanse of sand. When you plan to come to this place, we recommend that you take a tour to see the remains of the dead city, which will make your hair stand on end.

How, Places to Visit in California interesting is not it?. If you intend to take a vacation to California, then don't forget to prepare all your needs during the holidays. It's better if you prepare travel bags that are practical, to load all your needs while you are in California. This will help you to make it easier for you to move between destinations.